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HARDWARE AND FITTINGS FOR DOORS AND WINDOWS - FITTINGS FOR FURNITURE - SUPPORTS AND SHELVING SYSTEM - general hardware - gardening products - protection and securitywear - electrical material - kitchenware

Locks and strike plates for aluminium Doors, steel Doors, Rim Door Locks, locks for wooden doors, panic devices, fire rated locks and cylinders

hand tools, pipe tools, 1000V insulated tools, ESD electro dissipative tools, non-sparking tools, titanium non-magnetic tools, anti-drop tools, underwater hydraulic and pneumatic tools, as well as ATEX-certified intrinsically safe/ explosion-proof instruments.

Single-Point & Multi-Point Security Locks - Special Locks for Armoured doors - Security Cylinders - Dead-Bolts


Padlocks, cylinders, cam locks, mortise locks, motorcycle and bicycle anti-thefts.

Community Mailboxes - Individual mailboxes - Money boxes - Key cabinets - Notice boards - Emergency key boxes - Medicine cabinets

Padlocks - Cylinders - Locks - Deadlocks - Stainless Steel Handles

Mechanical Security Locks (Multipoint security locks - Mortise locks for wooden locks - Mortise locks for aluminum doors - Rim locks - Doorknobs - Electric strike plates), Security Cylinders, Anti-panic Devices, Electronic Locks (RFID Technology – Proximity security system, Magnetic Strip Technology – Security system at your disposal)

Locks for Furniture, Locks for lockers

Fitting for bottom profile, fitting for top profile, Special ball bearing, Soft closing; accesory.

Sprayguns, airless and mix pumps, air filtres, pressure pot, compressors